Sahra Group

Road, Air and Sea Transportation

Sahara Cargo Group, which established its foundation in 1983, is one of the leading companies in Turkey. Aiming to be the best abroad and local with cargo service goes back to many years. It has proven itself in import and export with a history dating back more than 20 years. The Sahara Group has become a world leader in the spirit of collective development and change.
Road Transport
As a Sahra Cargo, we successfully represent our country on the international road transport platform and contribute significantly to our country's economy.
Airways Transporting
An air transportation which is a practical solution in the export world is carried out with Sahra Group Cargo in accordance with the international flight procedure.
Sea Transport
Sea transportation is one of the safest methods in the transportation world. Sea transportation is based on the determination of the route, packaging of the product, bringing it to the port, carrying out the container loading process and delivering the product. In the external trade category, sea transport is one of the most preferred methods.
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